Our product range has been specifically designed for many different applications, such as fuel gas, water supply, building assembly, nuclear energy, chemical industry, etc. Currently we have developed a comprehensive array of products, including: butt welding machines with sizes of less than 3000mm, butt fusion machines for pipe fittings, saddle fusion equipment, plastic pipe cutting tools, as well as various auxiliary tools for construction, and so forth.

When it comes to the processing of pipe joints and hot plates, our multi-angle welding machine delivers outstanding performance. It can weld 4 large pipes simultaneously. It also cuts at high speed, leaving a flat smooth surface.

The bandsaw accomplishes the cutting and welding of pipelines simultaneously. It can adapt to a variety of work environments. This machine is digitally controlled for ease of operation, which means it works upon request, as long as the relevant data has been preset.

The welding machine has been designed with a small form factor for ease of transportation. It is ideally suited for installation in emergency circumstances. This equipment is mainly divided into 5 parts: machine body, tool planning, heating plate, pipe clamp and CNC hydraulic control system.

The machine is exclusively designed for installation of small-diameter pipes. It is easy to operate, and its components move upon request. Additionally, it returns to the previous position intelligently, which makes this product safe and highly efficient.

This product is a type of traditional pipe welding equipment. Optimized design of the equipment contributes to a high structural strength, which makes this machine difficult to deform. Our machine is easy to operate, and suitable for outdoor use.

The multifunctional welding machine works with a diverse range of clamps. It completes the welding of sockets, bends and straight pipes. Typical applications are found in the welding of small pipelines.

This product is a lightweight, portable butt welding machine. It can weld PE or PPR pipes in the vertical position. This equipment is manually controlled and easy to operate.

With the use of IGBT inverter technology, this machine is able to monitor the fusion-welding current, and it quickly interrupts abnormal welding processes. More importantly, the welding parameters are protected automatically, and they are processed according to various requirements.

Product Videos
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